Charlotte 8 Months

I try really hard to soak it all in with you, but every time I blink you are another month older!  You are quickly headed toward turning ONE!

Sleep: Not bad.  We had just gotten into a routine prior to our Florida trip, and that threw it all off.  Sleep was awful there!  But, now you’re in bed at 7:30-8 and wake anywhere from 6-7.

Nicknames: Charli, Bertie, Lovie Lou, Sister, Lu Lu

Talking: Lots more babbling with sounds.  Says ‘da da da da’ (figures).  Said ‘ma ma’ one time.

Likes: Still adores her brothers and lights up when she sees them, and immediately goes for their hair and face.  We’re kinda over the jumperoo, but I need to keep her contained while I do things! Sophie is still great for the car.  Bath time.  Still loves seeing herself in the mirros, and still loves food!

Dislikes: Not getting to her fast enough in bed . Her pissed off screams could wake neighbors 3 doors down.

New: Second tooth on the bottom broke through and the top ones aren’t far behind!  Starting to scoot backwards, so crawling will be soon!  We’ve also graduated from the baby tub to the big tub, so now all three are bathing together!


We love you so, sweet girl!

Charlotte 7 Months

Another month has flown by!  I swear it goes fast!

Sleep: SLOWLY getting better.  We’ll have one good night, then one night you’re up several times.  It’s becoming habitual!

Nicknames: Charli, Bertie, Lovie, Lovie Lou, Sister, Lu Lu, Lucy (Jackson calls her that!)

Talking: You LOVE to talk!  You especially love to talk when you’re in the car with your brothers.

Likes: LOVES her brothers, her jumperoo, toys on her play mat, Sophie.  Bath time.  Standing up, looking at herself in the mirror, being praised.  Food.  She loves food.

Dislikes: Still no bottles.  Not getting to her fast enough when she wakes up.

New: Your first tooth finally broke through on the bottom!  You were actually pretty good about it!  You put everything in your mouth, but weren’t extra fussy.

Charlotte 6 Months

Half a year old.  Say it isn’t so.  It goes faster with each child and I’m really trying to soak it all in!

The ear infection from last month?  Yeah, it took another round of antibiotics to fully kick it.  Even then, you still had fluid behind your ears, just not infected.  The doctor and I had the conversation that we wouldn’t be surprised if you needed tubes later this year.

Sleep: Went through the 6 months sleep regression.  That was rough!  I was up 5+ x a night for several days.  One time it was during the hours of 11, dad went in around midnight, 1:30, 3:30, 5:30.  Mama was tired!  Fortunately it only lasted about 10-14 days.

Nicknames: Charli, Bertie, Lovie, Lovie Lou, Sister, Lu Lu, Lucy (Jackson calls her that!)

Talking: You LOVE to talk!  You make certain you will be heard in this family.

Likes: LOVES her brothers, her jumperoo, toys on her play mat, Sophie.  Bath time.  Standing up, looking at herself in the mirror, being praised.  Food.  She loves food.

Dislikes: I’ve given up trying for bottles.  Not being held when she’s tired.  She gives plenty of warning when she’s done doing something, so you have a large window to get her because once she’s mad, she is mad!

New adventures: We’re finally rolling belly to back consistently.  She just has no desire to do the work!  We graduated to a ‘big girl’ car seat.  We’ve started solids.  She kept staring at me when I’d eat, or try to grab my water cups, so I gave in and started.  I’m doing a combo of baby food and table food – whatever works for us!  Bananas and sweet potatoes were first.

Charlotte 5 Months

Another month has flown by!  You are becoming more fun each and every day!  Your brothers can’t wait to see you when they get home from school.  We all love you so much!

You had your first ear infection just before you turned 5 months.  You were up around midnight screaming bloody murder with me and nothing would help.  I figured you may have an ear infection so daddy and I took turns sleeping with you in the chair that night.  The next day you were back to your happy self, but the doctor revealed that your ear drum had, in fact, ruptured.  I felt so bad, but the doctor said you already felt better with the pressure relief and it would heal up just fine.

Sleep: Went through the 4 month sleep regression for a couple of weeks.  Slept through the night a couple of times.  Still a 6-8 hours stretch for the first time, then 2-4 hours after.

Nicknames: Charli, Bertie, Lovie, Lovie Lou, Sister Love, Lu Lu

Talking: You continue to talk all the time!

Likes: LOVES her brothers, her jumperoo, toys on her play mat, Sophie.  Bath time.

Dislikes: Bottles, being too tired.

New adventures: Continues to be happy and smiley.  Loves the jumperoo.  Rolled over once (you just can’t remember to put that arm under you, you roll immediately when I do it for you).  Also starting to discover yourself in the mirror!

Charlotte 4 Months

Sweet baby girl! You bring so much joy to our house.  Things are chaotic, and I am exhausted, but I know these days will fly by!  I am soaking up every minute of you being my last baby.

Sleep: Not bad.  You are still averaging 6-8 hours with your first stretch, then up every 2-3 after that.  You’ve slept all the way through once or twice.

Nicknames: Charli, Bertie, Lovie, Lovie Lou, Sister Love

Talking: Yes!  You’ve started talking and cooing.  In true Kolmetz fashion, you love to hear yourself talk!

Likes: LOVES her brothers, playing with her toys on her play mat, ‘standing’ up, white noise in her room (she knows it’s sleep time)

Dislikes: Bottles, when you don’t pick her up fast enough (you get plenty of warning)

New adventures: Tons of smiling, laughing, reaching for toys to play

Charlotte Birth Story

I figured I better get this down before I forget!

Charlotte was born December 16, 2015 at 3:14pm weighing in at 7lb and 18.5 inches.

I was more than ready for her to come.  My doctor was leaving town for 10 days on the 17th and I had been having anxiety about that for months.  My doctor is seriously the best doctor ever.  He knows my history, is so caring and compassionate, and handles my craziness well.  I couldn’t imagine anyone else delivering my baby.  He had delivered all three of my sister’s boys, and my two boys as well.

The last 6 weeks or so of pregnancy was pretty rough for me.  I had a persistent cough for a few weeks that ultimately led to a broken rib (hello, pain!).  Then I also had some other issues on top of general pregnancy discomfort.  Two days before she was born, I had contractions for a couple hours.  I had never experienced that before, so I was confident that was it.  We showered, packed the car, and waited for them to get closer together before heading in, but they finally subsided around 2-3am.  The next day I saw my doctor and mentioned them.  He stated if I would have called him, he would’ve kept me and kept things moving.  He checked me and I was further dilated (I think 3cm or so) and more effaced.  He offered to do the induction the next morning.  While I am usually against induction, I said I’d do it.  If he hadn’t been going out of town, I would’ve waited it out, but the anxiety of him leaving pushed me over the edge.

We called the next morning, and were told to be there around 8:30am.  We got there, waiting close to an hour to get into a room.  They started me on a low dose of pitocin (my doctor said it was almost the lowest dose, so my body was ready).

Over the course of the next few hours, I went from about a 3 to a 5.  It was slow!  My doctor came in around lunch time and broke my water.  We weren’t expecting it at all, and he had it done by the time I figured out what was going on.  I was a little bummed about that, but hopeful things would get progressing.  And they did.  Since I had Ben with no meds, I was hoping for the same with her, but open to taking some.  I was progressing quickly and in pain, so I asked for IV meds.  Those weren’t working.  I still had to painfully sit through contractions and tried to zone out.  Around this time my husband decided to leave me along with my mom while he went downstairs to lunch.  I didn’t want anyone except my husband in there. He was gone for about 30 minutes and I was pissed and miserable.  I asked for an epidural.  I know if he was there he woudl’ve talked me out of it, because that’s what I wanted.  But he walked back in as they were sticking me with the needle.  It was immediate relief. They checked me then and I was 8cm.  I told the nurse to call the doc because I would be ready to push before he got back from his off site clinic.  Fortunately he was already on his way back.  When he walked in around 3pm, I was ready.  THe good thing about the epidural was I wasn’t in excruciating pain and was able to be aware of everything going on.  My doctor wanted to do a ‘practice push’ to see how I did.  After one push he said ‘okay, she’s ready, let’s get everyone in here’.  Everything got set up, I literally pushed twice and she was out.  While I hated having the epidural, I appreciate that I was able to fully take in the delivery.

I swear I had an out of body experience.  During that second push, I put my hand on my stomach, and felt my stomach suddenly collapse as she slid out of me.  I remember seeing her come up, she was moving but wasn’t yet crying until they suctioned her.  She started crying once they did that and they immediately handed her to me.  Unlike with the boys, I was able to immediately do skin to skin with her and keep her as long as I wanted. There was no whisking her away to weigh her, take her to the nursery or whatever.  Other than sending her for a bath (and a long nap for mom and dad), she was with us the entire time.  I appreciated that change and loved being with her.

We were in love from the beginning!

Charlotte 3 Months

Another months has flown by!  Sweet girl, you are THREE months old and we love you so! Life is absolutely crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  We all adore you and I am trying to enjoy and soak up every last second with my little baby.  You light up when you see your brothers, and you sure make your mommy happy, too!  We love you, baby girl!

Sleep: Pretty good!  We moved you to your big crib around 10 weeks.  You started to hate being swaddled and being in the Rock N Play, so you often ended up in bed with us, which meant little sleep for mom and dad.  Once you got to your crib and on your belly, you quickly started sleeping 6+ hours a night.

Nicknames: Charli, Bertha Jean (I HATE it), Sister, Lovie

Talking: Yes!  You’ve started talking and cooing.  It’s so cute to see how much effort it takes you to make those sweet sounds.

Likes: Her brothers, being held while she sleeps, has started interacting with her toys on her play mat.

Dislikes: Being swaddled, being hungry, being startled, sleeping on her back.

New adventures: We have smiles, laughs (not belly yet), and starting to talk and interact a lot.